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You might sometimes give a part of your food to your dog. It’s good definitely, but to what extent?

OK, let me make myself clearer. Do you think that the food that you give to your dog from your part is even good for him? Well the answer is simple yet complicated, given the fact that it depends on the kind of food you are giving. It’s not that everything is harmful for it, but there are some options that are great even for your pet. Foods that are great for your dog! There are some food products that humans love and these are surprisingly also good for your dog just like traditional dog food, never hesitate to give them such products 1) Peanut Butter: I know most of us love to have Peanut butter, and it is also one of the very nutritious products for your pooch. It is rich in Protein and also healthy fat for him. Don’t worry, let him grab your piece.
2) Carrots: Carrots are good for humans as they are a great source of fiber and water. Add them to your dog’s diet and you can see surprising improvement in metabolism and body functions.
3) Eggs: Dogs love to eat eggs, and why they won’t, after all its direct source of protein and help them in staying healthy and energetic. Give your dog an egg every day, and enjoy the dramatic increase in energy levels.
4) Chicken: No wonders, if the dog hits on your chicken every time you have it. It is one of the most effective protein sources for them and they love to eat healthy dog food.

Keep your dog away from these foods!

There are some food items that are very beneficial to humans, but are equally dangerous for dogs.
1) Onions: If you are having any onion based diet, don’t forget to keep yourself away from it. They are very toxic to them and might end up destroying their red blood cells.
2) Chocolate: The toxic caffeine substance in these chocolates is what make them worst for dogs. If given in large amount can lead to diarrhea, stomach irritation, nausea, and even death of the dog.
3) Alcohol: It is a main cause of seizures in dogs, because even if given in small amounts , it can cause vomiting and can also lead to the end of life for dogs.
After seeing such analysis of dog food, we can understand that if you buy dog food which is prescribed especially for the dogs then only you can benefit your dog. For this it is best to get dog food online, because when you Buy Dog Food Online you get to see lots of varieties of dog food and you can give your dog the best from them.

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